Teledyne BlueView T2250-360 3D

Teledyne BlueView T2250-360 3D

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T2250-360 3D 360° Tunnel Profiler

The T2250 from Teledyne BlueView is a 360 degree multibeam profiler which has specifically been designed to yield continuous high resolution imagery of the walls of submerged tunnels. Utilizing high frequency low power acoustic multibeam technology the system will stream a continuous 360 deg profile to Teledyne PDS software recommended option to create a dense 3D point cloud from which visual damage assessment and measurements in three planes can be conducted.

Suited for ROV, AUV or crawler deployment and based on field proven technology extensively used for seabed profiling applications over the last 10 years in AUV and ROV programs around the globe and has now been adapted to meet demand for improved tunnel inspection data. Suitable for tunnels up to 16m in diameter, the T2250 is a compact and low power solution for submerged tunnel inspection.

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