Teledyne RESON ParaSound

Teledyne RESON ParaSound

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ParaSound Deep-Sea Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler

The Teledyne Parasound delivers exactly this – unsurpassed data clarity – as the most versatile and best in class marine sub-bottom profiler providing full ocean depth range and >200 m sediment penetration. With its 4.5° beam width, due to its 15 cm vertical sampling and especially because of innovations like its intelligent Quasi Equi-Distant (QED) multiping, the ParaSound delivers a unique data resolution, a unique data density that unveils sub-sea structures at an unrivalled sharpness.

The unsurpassed data clarity, the ParaSound’s versatility, its robust operations even under severe conditions on sea, make the Teledyne ParaSound the ideal tool for ocean science and offshore surveys.

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